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While Revive Physiotherapy is now authorized by Ontario Public Health and the Ontario Physiotherapy Association to provide in-person care, there are a number of adjustments made to our appointment protocol that must be followed to ensure client, staff, and community safety with each visit.

Please review the following steps to be taken before, during, and after each in-person appointment at Revive Physiotherapy. We appreciate your willingness to follow these standards and promote health and safety for all


On the day of your first appointment with Revive, or your first appointment back, we will require you to fill out an online ‘Client Screening Questionnaire’ no more than 2 hours before your appointment. This form ensures you are an appropriate candidate for in-person care, and are comfortable with the risks associated with an in-person appointment.


Your Physiotherapist will be wearing a mask and gloves for the duration of your appointment. Please bring a mask from home. If you don’t have a mask, or forgot yours, masks will be provided for your appointment. If you are unable to wear a mask please let your physiotherapist know prior to your appointment


Please leave as many personal items (Jacket, hat, umbrella, bag etc) as possible in your vehicle. We are a bike friendly facility and will still allow bike storage inside the clinic during your appointment. If you ride your bike, please leave all belongings in your helmet, backpack, or next to your bike.


We are proud of the fun and laid back culture we have created at Revive, and usually welcome your guests to hang out during appointments. At this time we are asking clients to refrain from bringing guests along.

Clients under the age of 16 should still be accompanied by a parent/guardian. 


Upon entering and leaving the clinic you are required to sanitise your hands using the hand sanitiser provided. 


After entering the clinic and sanitising your hands, please stand behind the blue line marked on the floor as you wait for your physiotherapist to come and get you.

Please avoid touching any surfaces while you are waiting for your therapist. When they are available, your therapist will bring you to the treatment space for your appointment.

We will be removing all reading material and reusable coffee cups from the waiting area until further notice.


The appointment itself will take place fully in the physiotherapy space – only under specific circumstances will clients be using the gym space.

This may mean that certain equipment will be brought into the office for your use during the appointment. All equipment is thoroughly sanitised after each client’s use


Since we direct bill most insurance companies, contact with the front desk will be kept to a minimum. If you must make a payment, we can do so by e-transfer, a credit card on file, or through a contactless transaction. The Point of Sale system will be kept at a distance from the front desk, and you will be informed when to tap when the time comes. We will not be taking cash at this time.


You will be asked to sanitise your hands again when exiting the clinic. Paper masks can be disposed of in the garbage by the door. If you do wear a mask, please sanitise your hands again after removing it.

After you exit the clinic all surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised to be ready for the next patient.


Thanks so much for your cooperation. We can’t wait to see you all again while keeping it safe.