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Knee pain affects many different people of all ages, from those who are active, such as runners and labourers to those who prefer light walking or light activity.

It is common to attribute knee pain as a normal part of the aging process, however, that isn’t the case. It is normal to have wear and tear on our joints as we get older, however, increasing pain that limits our daily functioning is NOT a normal part of aging. Given the right stimulus and joint care we should all be able to enjoy our favorite activities with minimal pain as we age.

There are a number of potential causes for knee pain and often the knee itself isn’t the culprit.

The knee is a weight bearing joint that moves in two directions, forward and back (with a bit of rotation right at the end), but, being trapped between two other joints, it relies on good stability and strength at the ankle and hip in order to maintain it’s stability and stay pain free.

Knee pain that progressively worsens often accompanies sudden increase in training volume or activity. It may be due to the strength of the muscles that cross the knee or strength needs up or down the chain (at the hip or ankle).

Recent changes in running or walking form, equipment changes, new inclines or surfaces can all cause knee pain.

A physiotherapist can assess the root cause of the pain and collaboratively develop a treatment plan to improve strength and stability around the knee, decrease pain and keep you active and/or working for the long haul.


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