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Studies have shown that nearly 50% of Canadians suffer from at least one chronic condition.

These include conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and other forms of Arthritis, Diabetes, Hypertension, certain forms of Cancer, and Obesity.

There is strong evidence in the research to suggest that exercise is very important in the management of these conditions. It can be tough to get started on an exercise regimen when pain, and energy levels make it difficult to know the how, why, and when of exercise.

At Revive our Physiotherapists can help you develop a plan tailored to your individual needs to get you moving again in a way that makes you feel energized and strong, rather than exhausted and in more pain.

Call/e-mail/text us to learn how Physiotherapy can get you back on track. We’re conveniently located in the Kirkendall neighborhood of Hamilton. All appointments are one on one with a Physiotherapist who will give you their undivided attention to develop a plan that is designed for your unique needs.