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Anyone who has spent more than a few minutes with us knows that we have a unique (and scientific) approach to pain. We tell everyone who walks through the door of our Physiotherapy clinic that there is nothing wrong with feeling pain. In fact, it’s a good thing. That’s surprising for most people to hear since they come in to get rid of some sort of ache or pain. But the messaging we are sending isn’t that you should suck it up, ignore the pain and move on. It’s that your body is using pain to tell you something. It’s actually trying to protect you.

Think of pain as your bodys check engine light. It’s not telling you that something is damaged, but merely that something in the system requires your attention. This could be due to pushing too hard in your activity, not moving enough, a medical condition, not recovering from exercise effectively, or many other lifestyle factors which contribute to pain.

So. If pain doesn’t equal injury, does that mean it’s ok to keep moving in spite of it? The short answer is yes, kind of, it depends.

Most of the time a low level of pain is OK. Here’s a handy guide for what is an acceptable level of pain when working out, and when you should take a break.

  1. Pain on a 1-2/10 scale (3 is pinching yourself as hard as you can, which can be pretty darn painful.)
  2. Pain doesn’t linger. The pain should disappear shortly after exercise and definitely shouldn’t stick around longer than 24 hours post activity
  3. There are no strange neurological symptoms, noticeable swelling, or bruising.

So, When should you come see a Physiotherapist at Revive?

  1. If your pain is not going away in spite of being consistent with exercise.
  2. Your pain is intensifying
  3. There are neurological symptoms (numbness/tingling/shooting pain/temperature changes in the affected area)
  4. You are avoiding activities because you are scared to make them worse of feel like you can’t do them anymore.
  5. You enjoy hanging out with good people who love movement, coffee, music, and terrible jokes.

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